Typically, a modern kitchen is sophisticated, with clean lines, geometric patterns and designs, combined with muted shades with splashes of bold colours to add a little pizzazz. A modern kitchen is basically designed with one singular goal in mind: to create a modern, state of the art living space that beautifully marries functionality with aesthetics.
In a modern kitchen, everything, from the cabinets to the countertop and the lights serve a dual purpose. They are utilitarian, yes, but they also serve as design elements to add interest and beauty to the space.

At Ace of kitchens, we can help you design and create your own unique modern kitchen. A Custom-made Kitchen that meets your every need. You can pick out everything, right from the flooring to the cabinet designs to the kitchen splashback and appliances. Every last detail can be carefully considered and handpicked by you to create a kitchen that is tailormade for you. Your kitchen will then be your haven, a space that reflects your tastes and aesthetics.

While a modern kitchen is a very broad term, and can refer to many different styles, there are certain common elements that define the term, such as:

The Less Is More Approach

Modern kitchens are made to look spacious and uncluttered. Even if the available space is small, with the right design elements and layout, a modern kitchen succeeds in opening up the space, making it look bigger and less confining. Design clutter or overly busy design elements are also avoided in favour of a simpler, cleaner look.

High End Stainless-Steel Appliances

While a modern kitchen might lean towards minimalism when it comes to design, that is not the case with appliances. Since modern kitchens are meant to be spaces that allow you to cook and create food, offering you every convenience to make your life easier, it is quite common to see them equipped with state-of-the-art stainless-steel appliances. After all, a kitchen can’t be called “modern” if it is not fitted with the latest appliances that technology has to offer us.

Smooth Finish

From handle-less doors to soft-close cabinets and floating shelves, the modern kitchen has a lot of little details that add up to create the big picture. A smooth finish is a key element of a modern kitchen. We’re talking about glossy countertops, frameless cabinet doors and strategically places lighting to tie the entire look together. The smooth look is created with the use of high quality materials that make an impact without being loud.

If you’re not a fan of busy patterns and ornate designs, then a modern kitchen might be the perfect choice for you. Find the beauty in minimalism with a modern kitchen.