Both physically and emotionally, a kitchen is the centre of a home. In our technology-driven, fast-paced world, families are finding it difficult to spend some quality time together. More often than not, a kitchen is the space where families get to connect over good food and conversations. A contemporary kitchen can provide you with the perfect space for you to prepare your culinary delights, a space where your entire family can enjoy spending time together.

If you’re contemplating a Kitchen Renovation, choosing an experienced and reliable company like Ace of Kitchens to handle the project is crucial. After all, when you decide to renovate, the idea is to create a kitchen that will look and feel fabulous. The last thing you need is to be left with a substandard kitchen that comes nowhere close to your vision. At Ace of Kitchens, we strive to create quality custom-made kitchens that are made to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

When you choose Ace of Kitchens for your kitchen renovation, you get quality service from start to finish. Our experienced designers can help bring your vision to life, giving you the kitchen that you’ve always wanted. Be it French Provincial or modern style kitchen, our designers will work with you to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. There’s no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of materials used. We use the best materials and employ the best team to provide finished products that are works of art themselves. And to ensure that everything goes according to plan, our site supervisor will keep track of the progress, overseeing the project at every stage. This helps us stick to deadlines and finish renovations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Invest in Style. Invest in Functionality. Invest in You.

Before starting the renovation, it is important to figure out your goals. What do you hope to achieve with a kitchen renovation? Here are some common aspects of a renovation:

One of the major advantages of a custom-built kitchen is that it is focused on your needs and preferences. Everything, from the design elements to the structural details such as the layout and cabinetry, can be decided by you. A custom-made kitchen is your chance to finally have your dream kitchen.

The Kitchen Design Process

A kitchen renovation is an investment rather than an expense. This is because an updated kitchen will increase the value of your house. Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that kitchens are very crucial when it comes to selling a house. A great kitchen will attract more buyers and fetch a better price for your house; just as an inferior kitchen might dissuade potential buyers. But apart from the monetary value, there’s also the emotional value that a great kitchen adds to a home. A dream kitchen can have a positive impact on your lifestyle. It can motivate you to explore and experiment with food, to entertain more often, and can be your ultimate haven; a space where you feel relaxed and happy.

Do Your Research

The first step in the kitchen design process is to do your research. So, you have a vague idea about what you want. But that’s not good enough. If you want the kitchen to be perfectly suited to your specific needs, then you need to do your research. Browse through interior design magazines and look up online for inspiration. Find ideas and styles that inspire you and once you have everything you want, you can then put together a design that works for your home and lifestyle.

Kitchen Design Breaker

Plan Your Budget

Budget is a very important aspect of a renovation. Crunch the numbers and come up with a budget for the project. Do not hesitate to disclose the budget to the designer. In fact, be sure to give the designer a definite budget so they know what they’re working with. Having the budget from the get-go will help the designer plan and prioritise better.

Get A Timeline

Having your old kitchen ripped apart and a new one put in means that you will be left without a kitchen for the weeks it takes for the renovation to be done. Get a timeline for the renovation so that you know just how long you will have to manage without a kitchen. Knowing how long it will take will also help you plan alternative options, like maybe setting up a temporary kitchenette in your living space, with a microwave oven, toaster and a coffee maker to make do with.

When Ace of Kitchens are your kitchen builders, you will get your dream kitchen done within the stipulated timeline in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

Key Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens differ from modern kitchens in that they are more flexible when it comes to design and style. Contemporary means “belonging to the present.” When it comes to design, contemporary design is anything that keeps with the current times. While modern design refers to a particular style, contemporary design is more open to interpretation. A contemporary kitchen offers optimal functionality, relying on the latest technology to deliver that, while the design could have influences of modern, provincial or vintage style.

Here are some of the key elements that can be found in a contemporary kitchen.

State-of-the-art Appliances

Keeping in line with the end goal of ultimate functionality, contemporary kitchens tend to include state-of-the-art appliances. Stainless steel appliances are the most popular choice, although white or black appliances may be used if the design calls for it.

Ample Lighting

Contemporary kitchens demand lots of light. The idea is to create a kitchen space that is bright. This is done either by ensuring lots of natural light by way of windows and skylights or by using light fixtures to make the space bright. Hidden under-cabinet lighting, statement making pendant lights over the kitchen island and unobtrusive recessed lighting are all popular choices.

Frameless Cabinets

Most contemporary kitchens feature the European style, frameless cabinets. Frameless cabinets give a sleeker, cleaner look, which is the basic foundation of contemporary design. Ornate cabinetry is avoided as it is the antithesis of contemporary style. It’s all about sleek, smooth surfaces.

Colours & Patterns

Since contemporary design takes a more sleek, clean, and minimalistic approach when it comes to design, the most popular colour choice is white. White cabinets and white walls are very common. Of course, the monotony of white is usually broken up by adding some interesting colours and patterns to the mix. For instance, one of the most popular ways of adding textures and colours to a contemporary kitchen is with a nice splashback. There are a lot of options available these days, from mosaic and tile to stone, glass and metal when it comes to splashback options.

Geometric Shapes and Horizontal Lines

Another unique feature of a contemporary kitchen is the use of horizontal lines and geometric forms to create interesting visual elements. The next time you see a contemporary kitchen, notice how everything from the cabinets to the flooring to the splashback follows the horizontal lines rule. And notice how the lightings and other fixtures are in geometric forms that complement and play off the horizontal lines.