Lighting plays a very important role in our home. Also, lighting and the wall paints should exactly match. There are certain factors that affect the lighting of your kitchen. Ace of Kitchen is one of the Best Kitchen companies in Sydney offering the best designs and features to highlight and enhance your kitchen experience. Here are lighting elements that make your kitchen luxurious and brighter.

Ambient Lighting

This system is an all-purpose lighting that illuminates your kitchen and makes it more elegant. Ambient lighting provides an equal amount of light throughout the space. In this, you create different moods at the flick of a switch, as the lights are controlled separately and preferable for wider mood lighting. Also, wall lights and washers add subtle background illumination maintaining the right ambiance in relaxing zones.

Task lighting

To target any specific areas that need an extra lighting, use task lighting. This includes close up preparation space above counters or sink. You can place lights directly above workstations. You can opt this under cupboard spots fitted directly above the hob and chopping board to ensure bright, focused light. Place them close to the front edge the cupboard as possible, or else you’ll illuminate the back of the worktop only.

Feature and accent lighting

Accent lighting guides your eyes toward the point of interest around the kitchen. This type of lighting is the final piece used to highlight special designs and features.

This is placed near to any special feature in your kitchen to draw attention towards it, like glass wall cabinets, underneath benchtops, open base cabinets, etc. You can add different looks along the kitchen floor by using accent lighting. Running LED lights under the kitchen rims worktop also creates an inviting spot for you. Add floating looks to the cabinetry building lights into the kickboards or across the floor.