Kitchen is the heart of a home. A warm and inviting kitchen with aromatic fragrances has great things to do with the minds of guests. Kitchen designs and plans have been updated a long way. Everyone craves to have beautiful luxurious and clean kitchen in their house. So they sit with architects, plan and custom-create the kitchen of their dreams. Here are some of the luxury features preferred for a gourmet kitchen. Contact the Ace of Kitchen to experience the true beauty and elegance of provisional, stylish kitchen for Provincial Kitchens in Sydney.

Always keep an open kitchen and dine area. Having a closed one limit the person in charge of cooking and isolated from the family. A modular style kitchen, adds contemporary and luxurious look and good feel to the whole home.

Your counter tops are where most of the action takes place. From bearing the brunt of the cooking preparations to getting it dirty. For gourmet kitchen, using stain resistant materials on your counter tops, like high quality granite or marble, ensures easy cleaning that leaves you with a spotless clean kitchen every time.

A poorly-lit kitchen not only looks dark and gloomy, but lowers the efficiency of the cook. Make use of under-cabinet lights, pendant lights and ceiling-mounted lighting for a properly lit and glamorously bright kitchen. Keep wide open French doors and windows to let in plenty of natural light into your kitchen during the day.

A high end French-door style refrigerators inbuilt into the cabinet system of a kitchen seems to be high on functionality, without disrupting the aesthetics. Depending on the requirements, you can separate refrigerating and freezing unit. For a smaller, cosier space, opt for a refrigeration system with freezer drawers on the bottom, for more convenience.